Bite-Rite Dental

We offer complete in-house fitting and fabrication of your dentures. We listen to your needs, and work together to achieve an aesthetically pleasing smile. Our aim is to provide you with retentive, comfortable and stable dentures.


Please ring to arrange an appointment:
Isaak Iliadis, Dental Prosthetist
Tel: 0425-822-759
or Dina on 0428-585-291

New Dentures Hampton Park – Service that keeps you smiling

Why Us?

As specialised professionals, Dental Prosthetists are experienced in the design, fabrication, insertion and adjustments of removable new dentures, as well as overdentures on implants, allowing you to benefit fully from the technology.
Dental Prosthetists are skilled in the clinical and laboratory aspects of making new dentures that are right for each individual. At Bite-Rite you will find that as a patient you play an active role in the discussion of what you desire for your new dentures.
Remember, you are in the hands of a professional who specialises only in the making of removable prosthodontics. We will involve you in the steps necessary to ensure your new dentures fit properly and meet your full expectations.

We offer free initial consultation to discuss all your denture requirements. We are currently located in Hampton Park and Oakleigh which are conveniently located for Dentures and Mouthguards Dandenong, Berwick and Narre Warren


Please ring to arrange an appointment

Isaak Iliadis, Dental Prosthetist
Tel:  03-9799-3574
30 Fordholm Road, Hampton Park 3976
or 1A Palmerston Grove, Oakleigh 3166


We provide Full Dentures, Partial Dentures, Repairs and Relines and Mouthguards.
  • Oral examinations and consultations
  • Full Dentures
  • Partial Acrylic and Partial Metal Dentures
  • Implant retained and supported dentures
  • Sports Mouthguards
  • Repair of Broken Dentures
  • Relines

Denture Repairs & Maintenance

The cleaning you do at home every day is correct and important, but it cannot prevent deposits forming and spreading, and this is caused by:
  • Bacterial plaque
  • Stubborn tartar
  • Stains caused by foodstuffs, e.g. tea, coffee, red wine, medicines
  • Strong nicotine build up


Our mouthguards are all custom fitted for maximum comfort and protection in all areas of sport.  We have many colours and styles to choose from.  A mouthguard is just as important as any other piece of protective sporting equipment.  Each year many sporting people, including children, lose teeth through unfortunate collisions and impacts.  In most cases, a well fitted custom mouthguard could have prevented that loss.  Mouthguards are recommended for adults and children..