Denture Repairs & Maintenance

Denture Repairs Hampton Park


For New Dentures as well as all Denture Repairs we offer complete in-house fitting and fabrication of your dentures. We listen to your needs, and work together to achieve an aesthetically pleasing smile. Our aim is to provide you with retentive, comfortable and stable dentures.

The problem is dentures change with age

The cleaning you do at home every day is correct and important, but it cannot prevent deposits forming and spreading, and this is caused by:

  • Bacterial plaque
  • Stubborn tartar
  • Stains caused by foodstuffs, e.g. tea, coffee, red wine, medicines
  • Strong nicotine build up

These deposits change over time. They harden within a day and trap the contamination. The denture loses its lustre and becomes marked and unattractive.

These deposits make the denture prone to bacteria and germs and this decay and depositing has unpleasant results:

  • Sour tasting and often bad breath
  • Buildup of pressure points.

And carries high risks:

  • Chronic and painful gingivitis
  • Allergic reactions and gingiva illnesses
  • Damage to health residual dentition
  • Loss of function of the denture.

Regular and professional denture cleaning effectively removes stubborn and dangerous deposits and reduces risks.

Partial Dentures

When you are missing some of your teeth, we offer acrylic, cast metal partial dentures to regain your smile.

A simple, affordable solution to missing teeth, these devices are attached next to your natural teeth for a close fit against the gum line. It helps prevent natural teeth from shifting out of position so that you can bite, chew and enjoy a beautiful smile.

There are many kinds of dentures and you can rest assured that we will help you choose the right ones for you. Our most common dentures are:

  • Full upper & lower
  • Partial upper & lower
  • Implant retained

Denture Repairs and Relines

Are your dentures loose, uncomfortable or broken? We can repair, refit and stabilize your dentures to regain comfort, stability and confidence.

While our dentures are made of the strongest materials, there are occasions where they might need maintenance or minor repairs. If you have any issues, either with dentures we’ve prepared for you or dentures made by someone else, just give us a call.